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They can also be your conscience, happy to give an opinion and letting you know if you're not doing your best. Virgos demands excellence from everyone in their lives especially their friends , and they're quick to point out if they don't think you're living up to your potential. Because Virgo chooses friends carefully, he or she respects the "friend" label and expects you to do the same. A Virgo hates when friends cancel last minute, and this sign is only interested in friends on whom they can rely.

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Grounded Virgo can help keep intense Scorpio in check, while passionate Scorpio can pull low-key Virgo out of his or her comfort zone. As when the sea meets the beach, when watery Scorpio meets grounded Virgo, it can be hard to tell where one person ends and the other begins we're talking that sort of BFF match where both parties are telepathic. Scorpio and Virgo both need plenty of solo time to unwind, so they won't begrudge each other for turning down invitations.

Virgo compatibility table

These signs also take friendship very seriously, and they believe in commitments. They don't let each other down, they're happy to tell each other hard truths, and they're willing to be with each other during the hard times as well as the fun times.

Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

Virgos make great friends; they're intelligent, modest, sensitive, shy, have a sweet and kind nature, and are oh-so-handy to have around. But they're picky and choose their friends carefully, so you should consider it a compliment when a Virgo wants you to be her friend. There's no denying a typical Virgo can be fussy and persnickety, but they are not fair-weather friends.

The Most Compatible Signs For A Virgo, Based On What I’ve Learned While Being With Them

A Virgo will be the one good friend you can always count on when the chips are down. A Virgo friend's caring attitude and the way they're always willing to lend a hand is probably their most notable friendship quality. They're analytical and have an uncanny ability to come up with simple solutions, and they're always ready to help a friend solve the most complicated issues.

Although a Virgo is shy and picky about who he befriends, he isn't changeable. Once he makes a friend, he sticks with that person through thick and thin.

Does Virgo Make a Good Friend?

A Virgo friend is your friend for life. You can tell your Virgo friend anything, speak your mind, air your problems and trust that not a word will ever be repeated.

They also tend to call things as they see them and can be a trustworthy source for honest and truthful advice. When a Virgo friend says she'll do something for you, you can depend on her to do it.

Who Are Your Best FriendsAccording To Your Zodiac Sign?

Hence he is a delightful companion at these events. Virgo has an exceptional artistic taste and plenty of information on several subjects.

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  • Virgo is not poor, but he does not waste money neither. He is loyal to his friends and will be incredibly kind considering and helpful.

    Friendship Compatibility For leo And virgo

    Virgo is calm in nature and good listener of good advice from true friends too. Usually, Virgo is always open to accept the kind encouraging words from real friends. Virgo has a good sense of logic and friends admire his capability and often will ask Virgo for advice too. Virgo could let his friends down on a few aspects. His friends should know that and have to make sure to invite Virgo to go somewhere quiet.