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The Moon's trine with Mars in Libra allows us to see that tension sometimes must take place in order for change to begin. The Moon's square with Mercury in Scorpio reminds us all that we have to face our demons in order to see the truth and take action.

As always, the truth will set you free. The Moon squares Uranus in Taurus, reminding us all that life is about transitional states.

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To get from where you are to where you want to be, decisions must be made and they start with your perception of self. The Moon works with Pluto today, and this is a transformative time. With proper rest, time to think and an open mind, you'll gain insight into what you are doing to make your life better. Dreams are possible as the Moon remains in a semi-square with Neptune. Search for a creative outlet to release stress but also to stay tuned into your dreams and feelings. Check out your zodiac sign below for your daily astrology horoscope for today, Monday, October 7th, Aries, make time for your friendships but also don't overextend yourself.

Today's Moon in Aquarius opens the door to freely expressing yourself and being in the limelight when around others.

However, today's Moon harmonizing with Mars in Libra can make it difficult to find the right balance between work and play. Taurus, work smarter. You may be starting something new today and want to really show off your stuff. Impressing someone with your mad skills is always desirable, but at the same time, it's great when you can simply let the process of your work ethic speak for itself. Today's Moon square Venus makes it clear that balance is still the ticket to your success with time.

Horoscope For Today, Monday, October 7, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign In Astrology

Gemini, you are starting to see your life in a new way. You might not know how the future will play out, but the seeds are planted and your curiosity can help you to discover which opportunities to take advantage of first. Today's Moon square Mercury can make it harder for you to talk over your ideas with a friend interruption-free. Still, do what you can to bounce your ideas around and figure your options out.

Birthday Compatibility & Zodiac Horoscope 12222

Cancer, life is about decisions, both big and small. You have an opportunity to find what you need and get access to resources that others can share with you. If you're searching for help, need assistance, or thought you had to go it alone, thinking outside of the box, asking for help and looking for people to support you is the way to go. Leo, good luck is here for you. You are ready to start towards a new venture. For thousands of years the movements of the planets and other heavenly bodies have intrigued the best minds of every generation.

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Life holds no greater challenge or joy than this: knowledge of ourselves and the universe we live in. The Zodiac Signs and Astrology are one of the keys to this knowledge.

Your Zodiac Signs gives you the fruits of astrological wisdom. In addition to general guidance on your character and the basic trends of your life, it shows you how to take advantage of planetary influences so you can make the most of the year ahead. Here you can find the Zodiac Traits for the 12 horoscope Signs.

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The section on each zodiac sign includes a Personality Profile, a look at general trends for , and in-depth month-by-month forecasts. The Glossary explains some of the astrological terms you may be unfamiliar with. By Raquel Salles - April 15, Astrology Zodiac Signs. Table of contents.

Top 10 Reasons Why Libra is the Best Zodiac Sign

People with this numeral are the number of people who are called perfectionists and individuals. They can also count on their advantages that their mind can understand even the most frustrating things. They have strong intuition. The bad side is that they do not endorse the orders and it is best for them to work alone or when they are shellfish. Often they are focused only on themselves and are somewhat stubborn.

December 7 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

Planetary impact comes from the planet Neptune, and this is the planet that manages visions by dreams and psychic phenomena, and individuals born December 7 are open to these unstable situations. The combinations of Neptune and Jupiter, which is the natural ruler for all Sagittarius people, bring to those born this day idealism and expansiveness, but also the danger of naivety and indifference.

One more thing that is important for the symbolism of the date December 7 must be mentioned in this part; by some December 7 is, by some Astro-numerologists, is considered an unfortunate day, and according to astrological learning, everything we start on this will be deemed to be unhappy. But, this do not means that unfortunate will reflect on people who are born on this day since they have all the needed tools to fight negativity.

From the Roman times, some very interesting events took place, and they had importance for those people also, so they were recorded for the future generations. Read all about this event and many others that took place on December 7. The mistreatment in Cyprus was organised by Greek officers, but they failed to retain power. Ten per cent of the Armenian industry was destroyed.

These people often think of themselves as strange and unusual or just a little twisted, but it is just their inner feeling, it does not have to be the objective situation. But one thing is undeniable — the fact that these Sagittarius attract people who are unusual, and there is no doubt about this and many of their interpersonal connections are unusual.

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